About Me

Hi y'all, I am Rupa - born and raised in India, now living in Dallas-Texas. Food is a big part of my culture and this is just a means to express my experiments in the kitchen.

I am exposed to a lot of different cuisines and cooking methods. It just seems unfair to not try to explore and try my hand at some of it and create.

I have always enjoyed watching my mom cook and magically convert the raw sometimes boring ingredients into dishes that I shall call "food to die for". Of course I have time and again tried to re-create her dishes and I still don't get that spot on. She has always been and is my inspiration to not just do, but do better. And so my journey began into the world of cooking. Its been a wonderful experience so far and everyday it seems that the possibilities only increase.

All the recipes and photographs that you see here are mine. Of course it is not to say that I have not been inspired by other foodies. On such occasions I have and will give them due credit.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. If you have any comments or feedback , drop me a line at sweetnspicycomforts@gmail.com

bon appetit !!!

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